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Well, I haven't been on Deviant Art for way too long! And I miss it!!!!!! So, here I am now! I have been so very busy with my life the past year, especially the past few months since I've started art university! Gosh, I know can understand why university students are zombies all the time! lol
My goal is to keep working on art, and create new works! :D :D And continue to be inspired by all the other artists on DA who make amazing art! :)
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Finally a new journal entry lol
Lol I couldn't stand looking at the "The Most Extrardinary Day Ever" anymore xD

.. Well,, Nothing really much to say, just that I'll be updating some pics soon hopefully ^-^
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Oh my goodness, yesterday I had the most extraordinary day ever!

Last night I was sitting in the basement editing a picture on the computer to put on DA when my grandma called me up from upstairs. She said 'OMG COME AND HURRY! YOUR GOING TO MISS THIS! IT'S ROSIE!"
(btw, Rosie is my dog ^^)

I ran up the stairs and saw that the patio door was open. I see in the distance that my dog Rosie is digging the ground with this silver-ish fur flying everywhere. Then I heard SQUEALING! BUT MORE THAN 1 THING WAS SQUEALING.
I was sooo scared.
I ran outside and pushed rosie away and as soon as she stopped digging, the squealing stopped.
There was a little hole..
I glanced at the hole quickly and I thought it was mice!
then I looked closer, and made sure Rosie didn't eat or kill anything.
And omg, they were RABBITS! BABY RABBITS.
5 OF THEM, I'm pretty sure.

It's soo odd though. They made the nest in the middle of my backyard lawn.
Their eyes aren't even open yet, neither are their ears.
But they have fur.
I'm still in shock that I have baby rabbits in my backyard.
Hopefully the mom will come back.
I looked up on the computer that mother rabbits only see her children for 5 mins a day. Which is in the middle of the night, to feed them.

I'm still soo excited. I hope they're healthy and they all survive.

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